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Cubes Crafter, alias The Loving Cube Engine is both a 3D world editor and a game, with a very large and fully transformable world.
This project is under development, but already exists in three early different versions.

Cubes Crafter

This is the latest version, and it's the most colorful. Create a world in 3D, play in it. It is also aimed to be more practical than the previous versions when creating your world: you can create cubes just by clicking on the screen. This version is currently free (and is safe for kids).

windowsstore Get the Windows Store version - for Windows 8/10 computers and Intel tablets.

Download the Windows desktop version (Vista to 10). This version for hobbyists and developers can be modified using the lua language to make any game you want!


The Loving Cube Engine Editor

This version is aimed for Windows 8/10/RT computers and tablets and does not need Internet connection (and is safe for kids).

In this second major version, cubes are not really "cubes" anymore but "slopes". This version is also free but you can buy a premium mode which gives some additional features and supports future developments.

windowsstore Get it on the Windows Store or follow a tutorial.

The Loving Cube Engine

This is the first version (already moddable with lua scripting, but with less scripting features).

It contains also a default "test" mode where users can interact with flags and let messages on the Internet.

It's freeware.

See more informations
and get it for Windows PC
(Vista to 10) or Linux.