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Volatile Dove

Volatile Dove Hi! I'm Fran├žois Braud, Volatile Dove is the web site of my personal video games. Most of these games works on both Windows and Linux, and are made using professional technologies and tools like Visual Studio, C++, DirectX, OpenGL, Golang, Unity, Lua, Photoshop, 3dsMax, and many others.

Asteroids Minesweeper is the first Volatile Dove game which can be purchased on the Steam digital distribution service. It is a small abstract casual minesweeper clone in three dimensions designed for personal computers or tablets. It's based on The Loving Cube Engine (below).
Asteroids Minesweeper Asteroids Minesweeper

Cubes Crafter / The Loving Cube Engine is a game engine in a very large and fully transformable environment, available for PC and tablets, and modifiable through a 3D editor and a high-level (Lua) scripting language. The low-level code is based on my open-source C++ Volatile Dove Engine.

All my other games are available free of charge through the indie game marketplace itch.io, but feel free to tip me :)

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